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March 2016 Newsletter

In this Edition:
Focus on: Media Ministry
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Focus On: Grace Place Media Ministry
By Steve Erickson

Before (and after) every service at Grace Place, you’ll see a small band of techie geeks hanging out at the back of the sanctuary. These dedicated people devote their time and energy to making our songs, scriptures and announcements flow seamlessly during the worship at Grace Place. They also manage the church audio, social and print media, website, and podcasts. It’s difficult to imagine that only four years ago, Grace Place had very little going on in that department.

As some of you may know, I came off a 19-year stint as the youth choir director. I had always been involved in media in my professional career. In fact, it’s why I went to college. About five years ago, I had a vision through prayer of what Grace Place could be in the future. In that vision, God showed me a map of the Twin Cities. From our little place here on the East Side, I saw Pastor Mick’s message of grace and love spreading to other cities like an airplane flight path. From those cities, I saw more of it spreading to the furthest reaches of the world. It was then that I realized why God had shown me this: It was time for me to retire from the choir. Time to help move Grace Place into the 21st century. Time to do ministry beyond our own walls. Time to go viral.
I’m thankful that Pastors Mick and Nate understood. They both told me to “just go do it.” We started with re-branding the Apostolic Bible Church name to Grace Place. Next, we created the website and began uploading sermon podcasts that anyone in the world can, and does, listen to. With limited funds, we are now trying to take steps toward posting video sermons for people who are shut-in and remote-churchgoers. We’re looking at ways to utilize social media (Reminder: please like and share Grace Place on Facebook!). .
Yes, we are a small band of techie geeks, but our vision is clear. So if you see Randy Rust or Shevek McKee sweating over a computer or soundboard, Julie Zaloudek or Jill Erickson grabbing flyers and snapshots, Harrison Rust or Noah Ellingsworth manning the video camera, please give them a nice pat on the back or a “Thank you.” They’ll appreciate it. They are part of a bigger direction, a new direction.
If you’ve got talents or time to share in the Media department, please see me after church or send me an email at: We need you!
Pocket protectors are not required. 😉


  • Women’s Prayer Breakfast at Grace Place Church on March 19, 2016, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
    •  All women 18 years and older are welcome.  Please bring a dish to pass, a friend, and your Bible.
    • If you have any questions or need to know more, please call Dori Knuth at 651-410-9833 or 651-894-3558
  • Kirk Franklin is coming to the State Theatre on Saturday, April 2 at 7:30 PM! Click here for information and tickets.


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